Fresh Vegetables - Hydroponically Grown
The Market is closed.
We are no longer open
to the public.
We, at Bob's Veggie Patch, want to welcome you to our site.  Our goal is to provide
you with a variety of farm fresh vegetables grown hydroponically.  

A brief history about us...

We are proud to have served the Community now for ten years!

In February 2004, we decided to take a venture into hydroponic gardening.  We
started out small just to see how we liked it.  Since then, we have grown in size by
leaps and bounds, and opened for business in October 2004.  To see photos, click
the "Our Garden" button on the left.

We grow a variety of vegetables hydroponically in various sized containers. We
have been experimenting with a new insecticide and fungicide that is made of
orange oil, to control the insects and fungus.  We use lady bugs and lace wings to
control invasive insects.  We continue to find ways and methods to produce high
quality vegetables without the use of harmful chemicals.

We specialize in twelve varieties of peppers, speckled leaf lettuce, Italian heirloom
yellow pole beans, rainbow carrots, and purple cauliflower.

Our vegetables are produced for local chefs at the restaurants in the Tampa, St.
Petersburg, Bradenton/Manatee and Sarasota areas.

Thought for the day:  

Fresh Vegetables and a Healthy Life go Hand in Hand.

    Bob and Marilyn
Manatee County Local Farmers Alliance